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5 Ways Most Home WiFi Network are Set Up Wrong

set up home wifi networkHow to set up home wifi network? powerline wifi extender and wifi powerline adapter in one kit? Cool. Congratulations. You have started your journey towards better internet connectivity without having to worry about upgrading your current data plan to something pricier.

Technology is supposed to help people today save money and maximize the value offered in the devices that pump functionality into “the internet of things”.

It made IoT one of the most innovative ways to make internet work even on other appliances simply by including them in the wifi network engulfing your home if only everyone is doing the connectivity aspect right. What went wrong in the process in case you can trace the events that transpired along the way?

Not Checking the Lights on the Wifi Powerline Adapter and Powerline WiFi Extender to set up Home Wifi Network.

Remember that one time you called up the customer care hotline of your internet provider to ask what happened to your internet connection?

Granted that you called on a separate line or a mobile phone that will not cut you off in the middle of troubleshooting procedure, you know that fixing the connection usually starts restarting the router itself.

And then you check the lights if they are blinking, lighting up solid or dead.

Then you check if they are amber or yellow-green or red.

These are the same colors that you check on the wifi powerline Adapter and the powerline wifi extender while both devices are plugged into the electric socket.

Some adapter kits have these devices on by default. Otherwise, there are some buttons to check on them. This leads us to the next point.

Not clicking the right buttons in the middle of learning how to set up home wifi network

On the sides of the powerline wifi extender and the wifi powerline adapter, there are devices that need to be turned on after plugging them into the electric socket.

Some even take a 2-second click-hold to ensure that connectivity between the Powerline wifi extender and the wifi powerline adapter is established first before plugging some cord into the adapter as written in the instructions.

The worst case scenario is watching the wrong instructional video over YouTube because you found the instructions in the manual a little too confusing, if not lacking in illustrations needed only to realize that the YouTube clip featured a brand different from the adapter kit that you purchased.

You have to get the connectivity right between the devices in the adapter kit before transferring the extender to another room or another story in case you live in an apartelle or duplex and you live in the second floor.

This takes us to the common mistake on the next pointer.


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Plugging the Powerline Wifi Extender a little too far from the Wifi Powerline Adapter when identifying how to set up home wifi network.

Yes. Like the router with the recently plugged wifi powerline adapter is on the first floor and the powerline wifi extender is taken to the second floor.

Or the third floor if you got a little too sold on the idea that the ideal extender can function beyond 60 feet from the adapter. 60 feet is the average radius of distance to be kept between the respective devices to ensure that the extender functions.

It’s easy to see if the device can’t keep up with the distance anymore apart from the unimproved wifi connectivity.

The moment you see the red light on the extender, you get the idea that the device is having trouble receiving signal to help you make that smartphone or laptop work.

Think of it as the equivalent of seeing 1 bar of wifi signal on your smartphone because it got too far from the main wifi router.

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Connecting the Ethernet cable to the wrong slot due to confusion between the WiFi Powerline Adapter and the Powerline WiFi Extender.

Again, read the manual.

It is included in the adapter kit that you paid up for.

Otherwise, you would end up like the other early adopters that got confused why a cord is included in the kit when they were expecting a totally wireless procedure to commence in getting the powerline wifi extender work due to its connectivity with the wifi powerline adapter.

It also happens if you got sold into buying a different brand of adapter kit because the brand that you have in mind got sold out, only for the salespeople to forget telling you about the disclaimer about your adapter kit being wireless only partially.

Plus you overlooked some aspects of the kit as well that could have hinted that an ethernet cord is in the box to help you connect the adapter to the main router that needs boosting.

Forgetting how to set up wi fi network provided by the main router to the Wifi Powerline Adapter and the Powerline Wifi Extender by not putting a password.

It is the worst mistake that any early adopter of the wifi powerline adapter and powerline wifi extender could ever commit.

You are supposed to be the one benefiting from the boosted wifi connectivity that your adapter kit has successfully set up, not some moochers found in the same apartelle or duplex that you live in.

This is an even more expensive mistake if you think of the additional 1G of data that other people ended up consuming before you could.


Boosting your home wifi is done best with the help of an adapter kit containing the wifi powerline adapter and the powerline wifi extender.

Because you deserve to maximize the utility out of your main router through an extra hotspot.

The thing is that extra hotspot will not come out of your list of wifi signals to connect into if you can’t even get the setup right.

You already have the manual to guide you. And the manual might even take you to the right YouTube clip of the correct installation guide.

So, imagine what you’re missing simply because you pre-judged that thin booklet a little too early.

The right brand of adapter kit will lead you to the most user-friendly instructional video to help you get the connectivity right.

First between the devices in the adapter kit. And second to the main router whose internet connection you’re trying to boost.

Lastly, move the extender to the room where it can still gather enough wifi waves to improve the internet connection on the rest of the household gadgets in need of better internet.

Enjoy perfecting how to set up home wifi network.

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